Architectural Openings for the Built Environment.

Here at Built Rite we only make one product, the Built Rite Frame System. We do this so we can provide the architectural community with aluminum door and window frames that are stronger, easier to install, LEED credit earning and what we feel is the best value in the industry. With products manufactured right here in California, we strive to continually exceed our customer’s expectations in every area of our business; whether it’s our extremely fast turn around time or our over 30 years of problem solving expertise. When your vision deserves the best, make sure it gets Built Rite.

Versatile Design & Easiest Installs in the Industry

It all starts with our self-designed frames. We saw inefficiencies in the traditional designs and that they lacked versatility. It's not that they didn't work, but that they could be better. When we set out to design a new aluminum frame system it had to be versatile, very easy to install, and extremely durable. Since our systems are so easy to install you spend less to install them, and your vision stays intact through the entire build phase.

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Glazing channels can be modified to accept up to 1/2” glass

Better Products Start With Better Materials

We don’t believe in shortcuts. Sure, we could use steel or lower grade aluminum, but then we wouldn’t be building a better product.

  • We use only 6063-T5 alloy aluminum
  • Conforms to ASTM B221 standards
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Recycleable
  • 2 Year Warranty

Made Here in California

Ok, we’ll admit it — we’re control freaks. In order to have the highest level of control over our products every Built RIte frame system is made here in California. We’re unwilling to sacrifice quality in an effort to save a few dollars. While others have moved operations out of state in an effort to reap higher profits, Built Rite has stood firm — believing in the importance of California made and supporting the local economy.

Trim Casing That Blends

Our snap-on aluminum trim puts the final touch on every install. It has been designed for a perfect fit and cohesive appearance. All snap-on aluminum casing is available in 2 inch, 1 1/2 inch (inverted and full-face), and 1 inch sizes.

  • Available in 2”, 1.5” Inverted, 1.5” Full-Face, 1”
  • Full-face trim snaps on after the doors are hung for even easier and faster installs
  • Non-handed trim returns back to the wall to conceal the frame leg

Attractive Enamel Finishes That Last

All frames, trims and glazing components are available in three beautiful standard colors — Clear, Dark Bronze and White. In addition we also offer custom match colors and finishes so your project will look just how you conceived it. Finishes are extremely durable and designed for the daily abuse of commercial use.

  • Standard finishes include Clear, Dark Bronze and White
  • Custom color matching available

Earn LEED Credits

In regards to “building green,” Built Rite was ahead of its time when in 1982 the decision was made to manufacture exclusively with aluminum. Being 100% recyclable and the 3rd most abundant element on earth it was the responsible choice. Since 2000 and the creation of LEED®, the environmental impact of buildings has become an important part of the building industry. Built Rite is proud to continue to support the push for “green building,” by providing LEED credit earning products that are built to last and highly recyclable. Learn more »

300 Series, 400 Series & 700 Series

We organize our aluminum frame systems by series which correspond to wall sizes. We offer our window and door frame systems for wall widths of 3 3/4” (300 Series), 4 7/8” (400 Series), and 7 1/4” (700 Series). View the detail drawing to view all configurations and to download drawing pdf files.

300 Series 3-3/4" Walls View Detail Drawings »

400 Series 4-7/8" Walls View Detail Drawings »

700 Series 7-1/4" Walls View Detail Drawings »

Catalog Downloads

300 & 400 Series Catalog »

700 Series Catalog »

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